Shifting Growth

Shifting Growth

Our mission is to transform private vacant lots into temporary community gardens through mobile garden beds.


  • To utilize underdeveloped/vacant land as growing spaces.
  • To foster community engagement through accessible green spaces.
  • To increase awareness about the growing environment.

Shifting Growth offers a turnkey project management service for landowners.  Our professional services are built upon our ability to co-ordinate and manage all required activities to transform a private under-utilized lot into a public growing space.

Our intention is to demonstrate the temporary establishment and management of community gardens on vacant lands will provide benefits to both the landowners and local communities.  Once the land is ready for alternative purposes (such as development, sale, or further remediation), Shifting Growth`s temporary garden infrastructure can be easily moved to another site, preferably within the same community.

Simply, this new and innovative temporary solution for improving community interaction and beautification compliments municipal land utilization policies.

Shifting Growth’s Featured Garden: Clark and 12th Temporary Community Garden

Vacant lot into temporary community garden in 1 day! More photo’s here: Clark and 12th Garden Build in 1 Day

Clark and 12th – July 6, 2012

Clark and 12th – July 7, 2012

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