Clark and 12th Community Garden - Day of Creation

July 7th is the big day! We will be creating a community garden in partnership with Shifting Growth. We invite the community out to get involved in a variety of ways

Special thank you to some of our sponsors that day giving of their time, talent, produce, food and more! ...Downtown Eastside Produce, Quest Outreach, 4 Cats Art Studio Kits | Queensbury | Edgemont, Mainland Sawmills (a division of Terminal Forest Products Ltd),Harvest Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre and Jessica Prasad | Realtor | Sutton West Coast Group

1. Reserve a plot today and have your very own space in the community garden
2. Enjoy live music and conversations
3. Bring out the family and make garden art, painting decorations for the garden
4. Take some photos or video for us to share on facebook, twitter and youtube
5. Have some refreshments with us
6. Become a local business partner, provide food, beverage and entertainment
7. Meet our shy yet lovely Leslie the Ladybug as he makes his first garden appearance of the summer! Take pictures and pain ladybug rocks with Leslie!

Our main goal is to create a sustainable food source, include members of the community, build gardens and give back a portion of the food to those who are in need.

Can You Dig It is a non-profit organization working toward the betterment of the community, if you would like more information on sponsoring aspects of the garden please contact us at

Please remember to engage with us on facebook or find useful gardening tips on our website
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