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23 Faces Every Real Estate Professional Will Recognize

 1. The “Did You Really Just Apply For a Kohl’s Card 10 Days Before Closing?” face.

Via Facebook

2. The “You Picked My Brain For 2 Months, Now There’s a FSBO Sign In Your Yard” face.

Via Youtube

3. The “Client Wants a 5BR / 4BA Brick Colonial with an Inground Pool For Under $150k” face.

Via Imgur

4. The “Wait, I’m Your Realtor Not Your Therapist” face.

Via Youtube
5. The “Hope I Never Co-Broke Another Deal With You, Let’s Just Get Through This One Amicably” face.
Via Twitter

6. The “Can’t Remember the Last Time I Had a Day Off” face.

Via HNE Graphics

7. The “I’ve Shown You 30 Homes, It’s Time To Sh!t Or Get Off The Pot” face.

HBO / via giphy.com

8. The “Just Got a Full-Price Cash Offer With No Contingencies” face.

Via Imgur

9. The “Just Closed My First Short Sale, Before and After” faces.

Via Pinterest

10. The “Your Realtor Was in My Facebook Group Asking How To Fill Out a Sales Contract” face.

Via memegenerator.net

11. The “My Commission is Non-Negotiable” face.

Via examiner.com

12. The “Can’t Believe My Best Friend Had the Nerve To Use Another Agent” face.

Via memecrunch.com

13. The “No I Am Not Looking Forward to the Weekend, Because I’ll Be Working Most Of It” face.

Via mandatory.com

14. The “I Soooo Need a Vacation” face.

Via Imgur

15. The “Buyer Demands I Find the ‘Perfect Home’ and THEN They’ll Get Pre-Approved” face.

Via Pinterest

16. The “Appraisal Should Be Coming In Any Day Now” face.

Via Pinterest

17. The “Home Inspection Report Came In and It’s 4 Miles Long” face.

Via Imgur

18. The “Just Got the Clear To Close” face.

Via findmemes.com

19. The “I Can’t Believe How Low This Offer Is” face.

Via amusingtime.com

20. The “Did I Just Overhear You Talking About Real Estate?” face.

Via Pinterest

21. The “Client Insists His Home is Worth $40k More Than 14 Identical Comps” face.

Via memecenter.com

22. The “Say ‘Zestimate’ One More Time” face.

Via examiner.com

23. The “I Know You’re Lying, But Continue” face.


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